VGZ is, which is second in market-share with approximately 4.2 million customers. VGZ for is more than 65 years active in the healthcare market. It’s always within Hepimiz’s corporate strategy to work with the leaders of the healthcare market. We believe in having a durable long-term strategy which offers continuity for our members. In a market of constant innovation and consolidation VGZ is by experience a fit party to work with, also offering more choice and durability to our customers.

If you already are a VGZ member joining our collective will offer the familiar care with addionional services and discount. (-8% on BV and -10% on AV) Sign Up and get More!

Zilveren Kruis


Zilveren Kruis Achmea is the largest healthcare brand of Achmea, which is the current marketleader with approximately 5.5 million...



Menzis is a healthcare company with approximately 2 million insured customers and the fourth largest health insurer in the...



In the Netherlands, currently four major health insurers are active, the largest health insurer in the Netherlands is Achmea....

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n/an/a means we are not conducting reviews for other Health Insurance Providers besides ZK, VGZ and Menzis or offer additional discount via hepimiz Collective          dark/full star means that based on the critera the health insurance earns a review point          light/empty star means that based on the critera the health insurance loses a review point          arrow-check means that we hepimiz offer these value added services to our members